Interlaken, Switzerland

Scenic Flights over the Swiss Alps

The rumble of a small aircraft building speed along the runway and lifting off into an unknown world. This is what we live for! We will bring you into the heart of these world-famous giants of the Swiss Alps. Seeing the mountains this close from the air is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We #flythealps all year round, weather permitting. Scenic flights leave on demand with a minimum of two people. For all scenic flights, we recommend a minimum age of 5.
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Mont Blanc


In June we had one of the best experiences in Switzerland - we experienced a Matterhorn scenic flight. At Airport Reichenbach we met Roland, our pilot, along with three other passengers. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Rolf was so excited to board this red-and-white shiny aircraft, while I was a bit hesitant. After a very short take-off, we climbed into the blue sky. For 70 minutes we could admire the most famous mountains and glaciers from above, and it seemed we could nearly touch the mountain tops. Don’t forget to take deep breaths, the air is a bit thin up there! We floated in the clouds for a long time after the exemplary landing, and can highly recommend scenic air and the experience.

- Sibylle & Rolf, Australia

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